Street View

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Original Oil on Canvas by J. Price, Frame size 33″ x 43.5″, Canvas Size 24″ x 36″.

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J. Price was born in Ryoning Providence of China in 1971. His real name is Yang Mung. As a child he developed a love for art. This love created a desire for knowledge in the art world. In particular, he loved impressionistic paintings of landscapes and coastal views.

He studied at the Ryushin Art Institute in Sunyang City because he wanted to become an artist and learn the techniques of impressionism. During his enrollment at the Institute, he developed his raw ability and refined his own techniques, which he used to paint his favorite subjects.

He officially started working as an artist in 1994. His expertise is in painting scenes that depict harbors, Mediterranean, and cities like Venice.

He currently resides in Beijing with his wife and his twins, a boy and a girl. During his free time, he enjoys playing soccer.


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