Powder Brows


Filled-in, well-shaped brows are a crucial part of a makeup routine. However, getting brows perfectly balanced and equally-filled every morning can be a huge, time-consuming source of stress.

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Fortunately, those invested in keeping their brows looking great each and every day have an easier approach to this particular process offered by Dr. Vanderloos. Powder Brows provide a way to define and darken brows, making them look neater and symmetrical.

Getting a Powder Brows treatment with Dr. Vanderloos is a fairly straightforward process. Dr. will map out your brows and fine-tune it to your desires. A small tool injects pigment into the skin in hundreds of tiny dots, creating a “powdered” effect. The first pass is a light one outlining the area, making it then possible to place numbing gel for the remainder of the treatment.

The first 2-3 days after, the brows appear much darker, but then lighten about 30 percent. Touch-ups are done in two months and then only every 2-3 years. There are many designs that are used, brows can be darker towards the inside, nearer to the nose, and become lighter as they move outward to create the ombre effect. Go to Dr. Vanderloos to get the perfect brows.

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