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The MonaLisa Touch® laser is a technique used to reverse the effects of menopause on the vaginal tissues. During menopause, the vaginal walls lose their elasticity. As the amount of moisture in the area decreases, the tissues begin to stiffen making vaginal intercourse extremely painful.

3 treatments are recommended.

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The procedure is non-invasive and requires very little recovery time. The MonaLisa Touch® laser restores the tissues allowing a woman to be more comfortable during sexual intercourse. Vaginal rejuvenation techniques are performed with Laser procedures in Dr. Vanderloos’ office with relatively few side effects. Women will see noticeable improvement a few months after the first procedure.

During a MonaLisa Touch® procedure, a wand with a small laser device attached to it is inserted into the vagina. The wand pivots and is able to turn 360 degrees so that all areas of the vagina are effectively reached. The laser penetrates deeply into the tissues, stimulating the production of collagen. Collagen is what adds tone and texture to the tissues. It’s what supports the structure adding volume and allowing the vagina to regain its natural elasticity. The procedure improves the integrity of the vaginal walls allowing them to function as they did prior to menopause causing them to change. The benefits of a laser procedure are long-lasting and can dramatically improve a woman’s quality of life.

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